Police Training

Virtual police training for the real world

Policing is tough work. And it’s getting tougher every day. Without the right amount—and type—of training, both officers and citizens are at risk.

But in a world where the unexpected happens regularly, how can officers get the training they need to do their jobs correctly and successfully?

Luckily, there’s a smarter, more effective way to meet their training needs.

Welcome to Watchword

Watchword is an augmented reality training system that delivers hands-on training in a realistic digital environment.

If it can happen, Watchword can train you for it

When a situation is life or death, it’s essential that police officers quickly assess situations and react appropriately.

Watchword develops muscle memory, ensuring trainees accurately understand scenarios and make the right decisions.

  • Active Shooter
  • De-escalation Tactics
  • Mental Illness
  • Crisis Communications
  • Hostage Scenarios

Training for the worst has never been more real

Make sure your team has not only the tools it needs to respond appropriately but the intelligence and awareness.

Watchword uses sophisticated artificial intelligence, biometric tracking, and cutting-edge augmented reality tech to ensure your team knows how to recognize and respond to any situation they may face.

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