AI Services

Driven by AI

Avrio Analytics provides a wide range of services for both private and public sector organizations. We also provide custom solutions, tailored to each client’s needs.

Human Analytics

People are the power behind any business, and their interactions with technology and devices is a type of “Internet of Things” of human behavior. Gain a deeper understanding of how your workforce performs, or give them an AI-powered training that will not only increase productivity, but decision-making and profitability.

Avrio provides the following human analytics services:

  • Predictive Workforce Planning and Retention: Using both internal and external datasets, we identify opportunity to reduce turnover, speed up on-boarding, and improve skills development.
  • Insider Threat and Workforce Risk: We detect physical and intellectual asset vulnerabilities with simulation and AI-driven assessments of processes and people.
  • AI-Driven Workforce Monitoring: Our state-of-the-art technology can collect workforce data and develop insights into ability, priorities, and sentiment with dynamically changing, automated interviews that move far beyond surveys.
  • AI-Enabled Training: Using hi-tech AR devices, computer webcams, or cell phones, we design and deliver training that dynamically personalizes to each individual based on factors such as attention, emotional disposition, pupil dilation, and eye gaze to task and work performance.

Operational AI

Gain a deeper understanding of your operations using AI. Uncover process improvement opportunities to optimize your operations.

Avrio’s Operational AI services include:

  • Process and Infrastructure Optimization: We analyze data from various devices and IoT sensors to provide predictive maintenance, identify bottlenecks, and recommend optimal infrastructure implementation patterns.
  • Pricing Optimization: Fusing multiple datasets, we test and dynamically price products to maximize cumulative margin while driving demand.
  • AI for Supply and Distribution: By analyzing customer behavior, demographics, market trends, and internal data, we provide insights and implementation to optimize every stage of your supply chain.
  • In-House Capability and Career Development: Ready to bring your data science function in-house? We can help you align your team’s skillset with your core differentiators to put your organization on a path to long-term success.

Government Services

Avrio works with a variety of federal and state government agencies, focusing on growth areas where our experience and expertise can help agencies innovate and perform efficiently. Additionally, Avrio supports private-sector contractors to help them expand and fine-tune AI-driven services.