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FORGE: Firefighter & EMS Situational Awareness Training

Readiness as a firefighter, EMT, and paramedic means not just being physically fit and constantly training on basics and equipment, but includes training the eyes, mind, and voice to correctly observe, interpret and communicate in a moment's notice the chaos of a rapidly unfolding emergency scene.

Errors in scene size-up and communication can be linked to close calls, near-misses, and line of duty deaths. Observing and staying oriented to what is happening is key to how you and your crew will manage risk and communicate vitally important information to incoming first responders.

Welcome to FORGE

FORGE augmented reality training takes the basic knowledge of situational awareness and adds a simple, cost-effective, hands-on, customizable level of training that gives firefighters and medics the skill set to observe, orient, decide, and act during the first critical seconds after arriving on the scene. FORGE gives the measurable training needed to improve observation and communication skills and shows areas where you need correction and improvement.

If it can happen, FORGE can train you for it

It's easy to think you will know how to react and what to say. It is easy to think that your training and experience will kick in once you arrive on the scene, but lessons from the past tell us this does not always happen.

FORGE develops muscle memory, ensuring firefighters and medics can accurately size up the incident and begin making and communicating the right decisions. When larger hands-on training isn’t available or is difficult to organize, FORGE makes it easy to train an individual or whole crew. FORGE trains first responders on their initial actions with the following customizable scenarios:

  • Residential and Commercial Building Size-Up
  • Structure Fires
  • HazMat Incidents
  • Multi-Vehicle Accidents
  • Mass Casualty Incident Triage

Training for the worst has never been more real

Your actions in the first few seconds when you arrive at an emergency set the tone for how the rest of the incident will unfold. Whether you are a company officer or acting as the initial incident commander, what you see, say, and do will affect your safety and the safety of your crew and others. FORGE uses augmented reality technology to create unique training with biometric tracking to help your personnel know where they are lacking in size-up and observation skills and how to improve vital decision-making and communications in the first seconds of arriving at an emergency.

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