FORGE: 360 Size Up Simulator

Avrio Analytics Launches Forge, an Immersive, Augmented Reality-Based Emergency Training System for Firefighters Nationwide.

Gain unprecedented expertise in 360 size ups with FORGE, state-of-the-art AI Driven Augmented Reality training.

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Avrio Analytics Launches Forge, an Immersive, Augmented Reality-Based Emergency Training System for Firefighters Nationwide

New Training System Utilizes Sophisticated Artificial Intelligence, Biometric Tracking & Augmented Reality to Simulate Real-World Scenarios in Realistic Digital Environments

Avrio Analytics, a leading provider of custom AI-powered solutions for federal, state and local government, today announced the launch of Forge, augmented reality training for firefighters. Forge provides hands-on training in digital, but realistic environments that simulate real emergencies. Utilizing artificial intelligence, biometric tracking and augmented reality, Forge gives firefighters the size-up, communication skills and situational awareness needed to respond when real emergencies arise.

The Forge system is fully customizable and can be used to simulate a variety of scenarios in realistic and safe settings when actual buildings aren't open, coordination of multiple fire companies is difficult, or repetition is needed prior to live drill training. Detailed scenarios simulated through the training include fires, building size ups—both residential and commercial, chemical spills, vehicle accidents, and triage.
“Firefighters need to be ready for any situation at a moment’s notice,” said Alicia Caputo, CEO, Avrio Analytics. “We are thrilled to offer first responders a custom, cost-effective training solution that prepares them to appropriately handle any scenario they may face while serving the community.”

Departments looking for smarter, more cost-effective training solutions have turned to augmented reality training. Forge is currently being utilized by fire departments including Golden Fire-Rescue in Golden, Colo., and Platteville-Gilcrest Fire Protection District in Gilcrest, Colo. “We used to do dry erase board lessons or random structure drills as part of our training. We also had a limited two-dimensional software program, but it wasn’t doing well for us,” said Lieutenant Joe Bechina of Platteville-Gilcrest Fire Protection District. “With
Forge we now have a more inclusive program that makes training easy and everybody loves using it.”

Forge’s technology offers an alternative to high-cost training and reduces the risk of injury and equipment damage. Using Forge is simple and can be done from any location at any time. Users don one of the lightest AR headsets in the industry and carry a handheld device. The simulation places the user into the training simulation where they can move through a scene. The instructor can easily follow along with another headset or device.
The system can also include multiple users in one simulation. Forge allows an officer or instructor to create scenarios and then review the outcomes to ensure that vital size-up information is helping paint a detailed
picture for the needed situational awareness.

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