FAQ Augmented Reality

Q. What is Augmented Reality (AR) training and how is it different from Virtual Reality (VR) training?

A. AR training allows the user to see objects that reside in the real world that are enhanced by computer-generated animations. You do not need a designated or empty space for AR like you do in VR and users are less likely to run into objects since they can see through the device’s glasses. Most importantly, AR provides immersive experiences in the context of your actual environment, leading to better training outcomes.

Q. What existing software/technology do I need to have in order to use FORGE?

A. You don’t need any existing software/technology to use FORGE. Our system contains all of the hardware and software necessary for immersive training.

Q. What are biometrics and how are they used in the simulations?

A. Biometric data, such as physical motion and mental focus, are collected during training sessions. Using our custom-built Artificial Intelligence, that data is used to dynamically tailor the training content and assessments to the individual. The hyper-personalized training leads to heightened expertise and improved retention. Our technical case studies can provide details on how we assess training effectiveness.

Q. How can I purchase FORGE or WATCHWORD?
A. For FORGE purchases and inquiries, contact us at forge@avrioanalytics.com

For WATCHWORD inquiries, contact us at watchword@avrioanalytics.com

Q. What is included in the basic package?

A. FORGE base packages includes: 1 AR headset, 1 tablet, the FORGE 360 Size Up training application with 20 pre-built training scenarios, and one year of live streaming. Live streaming allows an instructor to see the first-person perspective of the training participant in real-time from any location, remote or in-person, over a secure connection.

Upgrades are available to provide multiplayer support and advanced instructional features. We also offer discounts to Volunteer and Combination departments.

WATCHWORD starting packages include: 2 AR headsets, TTX drills with 2 CAD files, de-escalation and Active Shooter with 2 CAD files.  Live streaming allows an instructor to see the first-person perspective of the training participant in real-time from any location, remote or in-person, over a secure connection.

Q. Are packages eligible for grants or other funding sources?

A. Both FORGE and WATCHWORD may qualify for local, state, or federal training grants. Our sales team is happy to discuss funding options that may be available to your department.

Q. What setup information is provided?
Your Account Manager will assist with onboarding your department’s training lead or other designated responsible party, including step-by-step instructions for getting the hardware and software setup. We also offer Train the Trainer programs to ensure your department gets the most out of FORGE.

A. Reference documentation on use of the hardware and software is available, as well as instructional videos.

Q. Do I need to create the simulations I am looking for?

A. The FORGE base package includes 20 pre-built 360 size up simulations to get you started immediately. Package upgrades include an Instructor Tablet, allowing you to build an unlimited number of custom simulations.

WATCHWORD's Active Shooter and De-Escalation training can be used in any building and integrate directly with your actual physical environment. Instructors have full control over the details of the exercise, including the behaviors and attitudes of virtual subjects.

Q. What customization is available for FORGE and WATCHWORD?

A. The FORGE Instructor Tablet lets you build tailored scenarios from an ever-growing library of commercial and residential structures, fire types, and other hazards. Additional custom-designed structures and scenarios can be provided to your specification. Please inquire for details.

WATCHWORD Active Shooter and De-Escalation is designed to integrate directly with your physical environment and is entirely customizable by the instructor. Tabletop Exercises can be customed designed to your specification, please inquire for details.

Q. How many scenarios can I use?

A. You can build an unlimited number of simulations at this time.

Q. How long does it take to receive the system after my order?

A. We will work with your department on logistics. Devices can be shipped in a few days, depending on volume.

Q. Do you ship internationally?
A. At this time we are focused on US sales but plan to support international sales in mid-2022.

Q. If I am having trouble or problems with my device, who do I contact?

A. You can reach us at support@avrioanalytics.com

Q. What is the maximum number of people that can participate in a scenario?

A. Our packages are configured to support 15 simultaneous devices per application exercise. Higher numbers can be accommodated, please inquire for details.

Q. What details do you need if I want a simulation of a building in my area?

A. Our designers can work with your department depending on the specifications you require. Contact us at forge@avrioanalytics.com or watchword@avrioanalytics.com.

Q. Do you support multi-agency and inter-agency training?

A. We specialize in inter-agency training, with extensive experience supporting inter-agency training for local and federal governments. FORGE and WATCHWORD can be used to deliver multi-agency tabletops that include police, fire, EMS, criminal justice departments or other agencies. We can also accommodate first-person experiences, such as Rescue Task Force drills performed jointly by police and fire departments.

We offer discounts for FORGE and WATCHWORD or custom implementations for municipalities interested in multi-agency deployments.

Q. Will your product be shown at any upcoming shows/events?

A. You can find the latest information about our product and any events by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

Q. What is the weight of the headset?

A. The headset weighs just over 11 oz. It is light enough to wear comfortably for several hours.

Q. If I wear glasses, can I still wear the headset?

A. The current headsets do not currently support wearing glasses. However, contact lenses can be worn and prescription inserts can be purchased. We are happy to assist with ensuring a good fit for your department.

Q. Can the simulation and training be viewed by others?

A. Yes, all packages include live streaming where the first-person perspective of the headset is streamed to a computer. This stream is accessible with authenticated login over a secure connection to trainers or other audience anywhere in the world and can be projected onto televisions or other large screens.

Q. How can my department request a demo?

A. Live demos in Colorado and East Tennessee are readily available on request. Other locations can be scheduled. You can request demos through our website for FORGE and WATCHWORD, or send the following information to

Department information
Primary Contact: Name, phone number, email
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