Businesses and organizations today are swimming in data. For firms with a complex workforce and operations, and zero margin of error, it’s essential to get as much value out of their data as possible. That’s where Avrio comes in. We deliver data-driven insights that take the guesswork out of workforce and infrastructure operations with the goal of increasing efficiency and decreasing risk. Both our technology and methodology are proven to deliver high ROI for mission-critical operations.

Avrio Analytics is an industry-leading data consultancy with deep expertise in predictive artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Founded in 2016 by Alicia Caputo and Mik Bertolli on the principle of using bespoke data analysis tools to operationalize data to drive outcomes concentrated on client needs. Avrio has focused their efforts on augmented reality training for first responders creating the most advanced teaching technology using human analytics.

Alicia Caputo; CEO

Alicia is passionate about the harmony of business and the data they collect. She got started helping companies make the most of their data working for Fortune 500s in finance and healthcare industries across the US as well as government agencies. With over a decade of experience in sales and business development in data-oriented industries she has helped businesses get their turned from a disjointed mess of files into coherent and actionable insight, pushing increased revenue by millions of dollars.

Mik Bertolli, PhD; CSO

As Avrio's Chief Science Officer and data scientist, Mik has over a decade of experience in designing and developing advanced machine learning theory and algorithms. From theoretical astrophysics and national security to industry challenges, he delivers complex solutions to real world problems. His experience includes national laboratories, lead scientist for government agencies and congressional advisories. Mik is highly published and has also lectured at universities in the United States and Europe, and has led groundbreaking research into predicting and optimizing human cognitive responses to virtual stimuli. At Avrio, Mik is able to provide truly predictive insights turning data points into immersive experiences and understanding.